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A North Carolina native, Mel moved to Tampa Florida to study computer animation. She received an apprenticeship after graduating and has been tattooing since 2011. After guest spots at Hart and Huntington Orlando, she’s now a full time resident artist at their newest location in Nashville Tennessee.

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She specializes in full custom artwork ranging from black and grey realism, feminine designs, watercolor, abstract, geometric and lace pieces. She’ll also throw down on a comic, cartoon, or fantasy piece..especially Harry Potter related imagery. Shout out to all her fellow Gryffindors.

Mel’s advice for anyone wanting some new work is to simply find an artist they can mesh with artistically. “That will make the experience a lot smoother for everyone,” she says.

Between client rotation and appointments, Mel takes on as much work as she can and books her days fully to help accommodate everyone. There is an occasional wait time for booking. We believe if you are seeking Mel out to be your tattoo artist that you deserve the time and highest quality artwork she can provide. She respects the time and money spent from each and every client she works with and greatly appreciates the patience and support.

When not tattooing the muggle population Mel’s hanging out with her husband, drinking butterbeer, collecting movie memorabilia (she has a MASSIVE collection) and relaxing with her dogs.










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